Ph.D. @ UC Berkeley


Hi! My name is Hyunin (Lucas) Lee.
I am a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley.
I am working on optimization and reinforcement learning theory under the supervision of Prof. Somayeh Soujoudi and Prof.Javad Lavaei

Before joining Berkeley, I worked as an AI scientist in the edutech field.

I love to find the toughest problem in the world and volunteer to solve it.


E-mail : hyunin (AT) berkeley (DOT) edu


Ph.D. @UC Berkeley
(2022.08 ~ Present)
Major in control

B.S. @Seoul National University
(2015. 03 ~ 2022. 02)
Summa cum laude


[1] Explainable Deep Learning Model for EMG-Based Finger Angle Estimation using Attention
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (IEEE TNSRE)
vol. 30, pp. 1877-1886 2022
Hyunin Lee, Dongwook Kim, and Yong-Lae Park [pdf] [blog]


Kwanjeong Education Foundation Scholarship
(Fall 2022 – Present)

Berkeley Fellowship for Graduate Study
(Fal 2022 – Present)


AI algorithm engineer @ Knowledge AI
(2021.07 ~ 2022.08)
I worked at an education AI company, knowledge AI in Boston, MA as an AI algorithm engineer.
I constructed an AI algorithm that defines students’ understanding levels that overcomes the problem of the score-based evaluation system.

(p.s) deep learning fails due to a lack of interpretability

#AI #Education #knowledge_tracing

Research Intern @ Soft Robotics & Bionics Lab
(2021.03 ~ 2021.11)
I worked on a machine learning algorithm that decodes EMG signals to predict finger angles.
I focused on explainable AI (XAI) that interprets the relationship between the forearm’s muscle neural signals and finger movement.

#deep learning #neuroscience #XAI

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